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Experts in Onsite Power Generation

At Levercor Energy Systems our key aim is to put business owners and the environment first, by delivering high quality systems that work for companies and the planet.

We design and deliver high quality energy systems that not only provide significant financial benefits for our clients, but also better outcomes for the environment.

Levercor’s systems provide a reliable source of low cost, low CO2 power, which are very efficient, especially when also providing heating and cooling.

There is no charge for surveys or proposals, and we can have CHP systems operational in under 6 months, with an investment payback of around one year.

Key Personnel

Joe Anwyl
Chief Executive Officer

Joe plays a pivotal role in the strategic development of the business and securing new clients.

With 20 years of experience of industrial design and engineering, he has been instrumental in delivering Foreign Direct Investment for major manufacturing projects in the UK and USA.

Daniel Leversidge
Managing Director

In his role as managing director, Daniel draws on 15 years’ experience in the energy sector.

He works closely with new clients to design and oversee the production of CHP, solar and battery storage systems, which deliver the lowest energy costs, with significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

Mark Naidu
Construction Manager

Mark has over 20 years of experience of project management and electrical contracting.

Working closely with Joe, Daniel and their clients, his professional approach to project management ensures that every power generation scheme is delivered on time and in budget.

Our Approach

how a combined heat & power system works with solar & battery storage systems

Reduce your energy costs by 50% with our on-site generation systems

We start every project by listening and understanding our clients’ problems; we then design and develop a solution, or range of solutions, which we present in a proposal with a clear breakdown of all costs.

Once our proposal has been signed-off we work to the agreed timeframe to deliver your new project.